Mihaela Tobos-Barbuta



Mihaela obtained her Masters in Physiotherapy (M.Pht.) in 2018 from the Université Laval à Québec. She also completed a doctorate in medicine (MD) in her country of origin, Romania, and practiced this profession in the field of diabetes and metabolic illnesses for three years.

She has a deep passion for physiology and the movement of the human body, and is especially interested in the prevention and treatment of orthopedic problems linked to neurological disorders, in neuroscience and in every patient’s potential for rehabilitation, no matter their age.

Providing the utmost importance to quality of care, she is currently pursuing her training by taking advanced courses in orthopedic manual therapy with the AQPMA.

Thanks to her empathy and listening skills, she focuses on helping you reach your goals and is there to accompany you with care throughout your rehabilitation process.